December 2019 Magic Items

Dedicated to Sean Dow

Physic’s Handbell – (Legendary, Attunement)

“Ring-a-ding ding, Ring-a-ding dong”

A simple-looking golden bell with a well-worn, wooden handle. If you listen closely, you can hear it hum with powerful magic. 

  • Every Tool A Purpose
    • This is an arcane focus that grants +3 to Spell Attack Rolls and +3 to Spell Save DC
  • A Certain Physic’s Theoretical Box
    • When you cast the Wall of Force spell and completely seal a creature inside with no holes, it must make a Constitution saving throw against your Spell Save DC. It takes 6d6 Force damage or half on a successful save. 
    • When your Wall of Force ends, the creature must make a Wisdom saving throw against your Spell Save DC. It takes 6d6 Force damage or half on a successful save.
  • A Certain Physic’s Physiological Training
    • When you cast a spell targeting another creature and they fail their saving throw, they have disadvantage on their next saving throw against the same spell. 
    • If the target you are casting a spell on fails three saves against your casting of the spell, they permanently have disadvantage on saves against that spell.

Dedicated to Claire

Emergency Chicken (uncommon, wondrous item)

“2000% of your daily recommended meat intake!”

A plain-white capsule with a charmingly simple hen design on the side. Created by adventurers with too much time and not enough ethics courses. 

  • You may use an action to crack open the capsule like one might open an egg. The magic inside will activate, conjuring a live chicken weighing anywhere from 2.5 – 4.5 pounds. This chicken is indistinguishable from a naturally occurring chicken. 

Dedicated to Gwen

The Book of Debilitating Conditions (Including Death); (rare, wondrous item)

“We used to use WHAT? For HOW LONG?!”

A book created by an eccentric wizard obsessed with analyzing medical procedures. It contains knowledge to stave off premature death. 

  • This item has 3 charges. 
  • When you make a medicine check, you can expend one charge before you roll to consider the roll an 11. 
  • If you fall to 0 Hit Points, you can expend 3 charges to instead remain at 1 Hit Point.
  • The pages of the book are made with a flimsy, arcanic material that causes the book to disintegrate when it reaches 0 charges.

Dedicated to Morgan

Bat Trick (uncommon, wondrous item)

“Wait, did you say Hat Trick? Uh… Woops.”

Created by a magician who misheard a request, this unassuming black tophat will conjure three bats whenever it is turned upside down. Once it is used three times, it becomes a bat and flies away. Mind the rabies. 

Dedicated to Christa

Delegation Documents (Very Rare, wondrous item)

“While I cannot provide further assistance, I can transfer you to someone better suited to accommodate your request.”

A very important looking set of documents penned in a beautiful, black ink. The language is thoroughly unreadable, but legend says it details the heroic deeds of a great defender of the people. 

  • When you take damage, you can use a reaction to instead cause a friendly creature within 120 ft of you to take the damage instead. They gain resistance to all damage until the start of your next turn, including the damage caused by this item. After used in such a way, the documents shreds and burns itself for security reasons. 

Dedicated to Bluejay

A Murder of Crow (Very Rare, wondrous item)


A charm created with the bleached skull of a crow possessed by a vengeful spirit. If inspected closely, a faint red light is visible inside the skull, giving the impression of a glowing red eye. As long as you hold this item, you are followed from a distance by a large, singular crow. It watches you with eery precision. 

  • As an action, you may cause the crow to attack a creature within 120 ft of you. This attack uses your Spell Attack Bonus and deals 2d10+5 Necrotic damage. 
  • When you cast a cantrip, you may cast it starting from a distance of up to 60 ft away from you, counting the crow as the origin point for the spell. 

Wizard’s Bifocals (Very Rare, wondrous item)

“Danger sense, Ada-“

A pair of fashionable looking glasses created to aid adventurers in identifying magic items without having to bother the party wizard every six seconds. They allow a creature to see the threads of magic that weave invisibly through the world. Also they’ll match your prescription, in case you need the bifocal part of the bifocals. 

  • The Eyes that See
    • This item has one charge. You can expend this charge to cast the Identify spell at 1st level without expending a spell slot, even if you can’t cast the spell normally. This item regains 1 charge at Dawn.
    • You have advantage on Arcana checks made to identify magical items.
  • Danger Sense Sense
    • At all times, you are aware if someone within 60 ft of you is unable to be surprised. 

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