January Magic Items

Dedicated to Paul (who didn’t sign up for this but I appreciate him nonetheless)

Worm on a String (Rare, wondrous item)

“What will he do?”

A vaguely worm-shaped object created by gathering fuzzy material around a piece of string. It’s connected by an almost invisible wire to a small, wooden handle used to manipulate it. 

  • You can use an action to move the Worm on a String, moving it to a space within 10 ft of you. Any creature attempting to attack you must first make a Wisdom (Perception) check against your Charisma (Performance) check or be forced to instead target the worm. You can, however, be included in Area of Effect attacks. 
  • The Worm on a String has no hit points, but if it receives damage, it will deactivate at the start of your next turn. If the worm is deactivated this way, roll 1d4 days to determine when it will be available to use again

Worm off a String (Very Rare, wondrous item)

“Who will he kill?”

A variant of the Worm on a String item created by ripping the thread that connects the Worm on the String to the handle. The worm turns a vibrant pink color when detached from the string.

  • When you use an action to rip the string, the worm becomes unleashed, becoming a sentient creature that will attack the nearest creature to it. 
  • The Worm off a String rolls its own initiative and acts on its turn. The Worm Off a String has the statistics of a Purple Worm.
  • It lasts 30 seconds before all the magic eventually leaks out and the Worm off a String disintegrates into nothing

Poisoner’s Dilemma (Legendary, wondrous item)

“In that case, I challenge you to a battle of wits.”

An enchanted set of goblets and a decanter of wine. You may challenge someone to a battle of wits using this item. If they agree, you sit down to play and time ceases to pass outside the immediate vicinity of the players. The game takes place over three rounds, during which, players are free to speak to each other. Each player gets a goblet in which wine is decanted, and must choose whether to poison or not to poison. To poison, a player must tap the sigil on their goblet, causing a poison to be released in the opposing player’s goblet. 

  • If only one player chooses to poison, the other player becomes Poisoned (see the poisoned condition). If that player is already poisoned, they instead take 7d6 poison damage.
  • If both players choose to poison, both players become poisoned. If already poisoned, that player instead takes 3d6 poison damage.
  • The game ends after three rounds or if one player falls to 0 hit points. 

Dedicated to Sean 

Banana (Uncommon, wondrous item)

“If you give a man a banana, he eats for a day. If you teach a man to banana, he ooh a banana ooh ooh a banana” 

By all reports, it’s a banana. 

  • When eaten, this banana creates two bananas at the feet of the person who ate the banana. If both bananas are consumed within 10 minutes, two bananas appear at the feet of those who ate the bananas. This continues, spawning two bananas for each banana eaten, until 10 minutes pass before all bananas in a set are eaten. After that point, all uneaten bananas and peels disappear. 

Dedicated to Bluejay

Emergency Compositional Dissolution (Rare, wondrous item)

“What was that equation again?”

A paper tag with a complicated sigil drawn on it in scribbly ink. The symbols seem to have changed every time they are observed. 

  • You may use an action to place this tag somewhere and speak the activation word. When activated, the tag immediately decomposes the substance it’s attached to into its base elements. If attached to gas or air, it affects up to a 10 ft radius sphere.

Dedicated to Gwen

Magic Fishile (Very Rare, wondrous item)

“If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you give a fish a man, it eats for a week.”

A fish that perpetually swims in a perfectly sealed glass orb. It appears to be perfectly self-sustaining, but makes no indication that it’s aware of anything occurring outside the orb. 

  • You may use an action to throw the orb at a target, causing the glass to break, freeing the fish. The target takes 3d4+3 piercing damage. Every time the target ends its turn without spending an action to detach the fish, it takes 3d4+3 piercing damage. If the fish is detached, it flops onto the ground before vanishing into a puff of smoke moments later.

Dedicated to Morgan

Amulet of Awareness (Very Rare, requires attunement)

“I can’t help but feel that somebody’s watching me.”

A small, golden amulet with a closed eye engraved in the middle. The eye opens and looks around flitting between every direction when you are being observed.

  • You are at all times aware of when a creature is observing you. 
  • You may use an action to attempt to blind a creature observing you. They must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be blinded until the end of your next turn. You may use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier, the number of uses being reset upon taking a long rest. If a creature succeeds against this saving throw, they have advantage on saves against this effect for the next 24 hours. 

Dedicated to Claire

The Rider’s Wheel (Rare, requires attunement)

“ They say those who hear its call never see the light of day.”

A handgun of twisted design rendered from a sheer black metal. No one knows who cast the parts, but legend says they were met with a terrible fate. When the chamber is spun, it sounds faintly as though a chorus of screams were coming from somewhere distant. 

  • This is a magic Revolver with a +1 to attack and damage rolls. On a hit it deals 2d8+WIS necrotic damage. 
  • This weapon can hold up to 6 shots and does not require ammunition. Instead, you may use an action or bonus action to reload the weapon, dealing 2d8 necrotic damage to yourself. 

Dedicated to Christa

Returning Disc (Rare)

“They still make these things? Why?!”

A sharpened metal disc that used to be commonly wielded as a throwing weapon. Though rarer now, their utility as a weapon that can return to one’s hand nonetheless draws its own devoted crowd of users. This particular disc has been enchanted to be able to travel long distances. 

  • 1d6 Slashing, Thrown (20/60), Light
  • As an action, you may speak the name of a creature you know and throw this disc. It disappears and reappears at their feet exactly 3 days after it has been thrown. 

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