To You, Back Home

Game Host Rules

You are a child with your body of metal and blood of promise, sent into the depths to see the world. Answer the following, noting answers in your tweet:

  1. Your name is a virtue, a wish for the future given by your parents. What is it?
  2. What as your home like? (Choose 2): beautiful, dying, hopeful, hopeless, prosperous

When you receive a reply, write home in the following format:

  1. date
  2. time
  3. record of encounter starting with “To You, Back Home”
  4. End with “Signing off, [name]”

When you end the game, write home one last time:

  1. “To You, Back Home”
  2. Record Gratitudes and Goodbyes
  3. Sign off for the last time

Player Rules

Respond to the Host tweet with a Prompt Word (any evocative word or short phrase) and wait for a reply.

The game ends when the Host signs off for the last time.

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