Olivia shot an arrow into the darkness, cursing as Yun’s body quickly left her vision. Faster than a blink, another shot, trailing a brilliant light, disappearing into the water below. All that remained was the whistling of the night wind, and the deep reverberations of the train hitting tracks on solid ground once more. 

The recognition struck Adelaide quickly. The magical sharpshooter Olivia Wren, an elf, one of the most recent Heroes to etch her name into history. She used arrows imbued with arcane power, but the most frightening part of her was her gift of focused sight, giving her the title of Deadeye. She was the personal favorite of many who found her versatile combat style inspiring. And, indeed, her accolades extended far beyond just the slaying of the Demon Lord; Olivia was by far the most active adventurer of the heroes. But then, why did she seem to know Miss Yun, and worse, why was it that they seemed to be at odds with one another. There was a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, one that proceeded to backflip through a hoop when Olivia whipped around to stare at her. 

“I take it you didn’t know who that was,” she growled. “For your sake, I hope you didn’t know you were accompanying a wanted murderer.”

It wasn’t often that Adelaide had felt such bloodlust directed at her, a crushing pressure that locked her in place, squeezing down on her very essence. This was no empty threat. 

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know anything about her. We were only acquainted for a job.” Adelaide swallowed hard. 

Olivia looked straight through her, piercing green eyes unwaveringly searching for the truth. One second passed. Two. Three. She relented, easing her posture with a deep sigh. 

“One can only hope that fall did her in. For her sake, too.”

“May I ask… what that was about?” Adelaide was still tense, unsure whether that bow would be drawn in her direction. 

“It’s better if you don’t.” She looked almost bored now, checking her bow for scratches. “…Though I guess you do have a right to know. Seeing as I scared off your witch.” 

Adelaide nodded.

“She’s wanted for the murder of the Hero Nari Han. Though that information is normally only known to the upper echelons of the Guild.”

The information hit Adelaide like a slap across the face and a punch to the gut. That wasn’t possible. At the very least, the Yun she knew wouldn’t have murdered someone, especially not someone like the Hero. Actually, the very notion was absurd on its head; while she certainly displayed a great amount of experience and adventuring acumen, it was hard to believe Yun had either the intent or ability to kill someone at all. Maybe that was a bit harsh. 

She was about to raise her voice in opposition when she got the sudden and sharp feeling like it would be better to leave it all alone. At least for the moment. 

“Well. Sorry for the commotion. There are plenty better members you could have in your party anyway. In fact, where are you headed? Oh, sorry, my name’s Olivia.” She reached out her hand.

Adelaide took it, noting both how spryly she shook and how strong her grip was, how calloused her fingertips. She carried herself with the kind of self-assured confidence that only comes from overwhelming power. She would be a frightening adversary indeed. 

“Adelaide. Adelaide Pryce. I’m looking for my sister who disappeared in Khine.” 

“Well that’s a nice coincidence. I just wasted my last Hoarfrost arrow and need some materials from the northern regions. How about I accompany you? In fact, I know someone else on board who could serve as our vanguard.” Olivia smiled, as if nothing in the world was wrong. “Although, you seem like a vanguard-y type too. I’m sure Grisly can adapt to that.”

Adelaide was stunned. She nodded. 

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