Dedicated to Sean Dow

Here’s a very special ramen review (it’s the big one) dedicated to the person who has been with me there the most. And also to the same person who happens to donate $5 a month to me on Patreon. Cheers!

Very possibly my first bowl of Hakata DX from Marufuku. You can see my chopstick holder folding style has changed since then.

What can I say about Marufuku; it’s hands down my favorite ramen place in the city of San Francisco (currently), and the one I take people to when they ask me where to eat ramen. It’s a ramen place I’ve been to so many times, I stopped taking pictures every time (I still have plenty). Nestled in the corner of the Japantown mall, Marufuku is clearly visible from the bridge thanks in part to the ever-present line that hangs off the doorway. 

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